Product, Design, Technology - Issue #33

February 20, 2019

Watermedia; Stream your message

Prime original
Watermedia is set to create a performance-based media platform that generates profits to owners, advertisers and users, while taking care of humans basic need for clean water consumption.

The main challenge of the development was solving basic UX challenges such as installation, product layout and maintenance while keeping in mind issues such as product cost and manufacturing technology.

Watermedia’s water dispenser is designed as an iconic object with a prominent and memorable visual DNA. The product solves various logistic and mechanical challenges while keeping a minimalistic and prestige design.


Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original
In this project, we searched for inspiration in robust forms that could fit the gym environment. Shapes with sharp appearance and accentuated features with extreme look and feel. 

I tried the shower funded by Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt 

  Mark Wilson  
By Nebia

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