Product, Design, Technology - Issue #41

June 26, 2019

SpirCare; Spirometry redefined

Prime original
This device was designed to measure the functional residual capacity of the lungs and airway resistance without causing breathing interruptions or requiring patient cooperation.

Designing a medical device is first and foremost about comfort, clarity, and usability. Our work has managed to achieve FDA standards while keeping the aesthetic aspects of the product taken care of in the best possible way.

During the design and development process, we focused on transforming an expensive device into a machine that utilizes disposable, a holy grail in the medical industry.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

Prime original
For SpirCare project, we were inspired by products with a dynamic appearance. Forms that incorporates values such as movement and elegance. Modern products with a cool and hi-tech look and feel. 

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