Product, Design, Technology - issue #62

June 10, 2020

OrCam MyEye; A new unboxing experience

prime original
    OrCam Creates Personal Assistive Devices That Change Lives. With OrCam MyEye, wearable technology for people who are blind or visually impaired, users can read texts, recognize faces, and identify products. It Works intuitively with any level of vision loss, provides independence by conveying visual information, audibly. OrCam approached us to help them create a better unboxing experience that will embody solutions for visually impaired users. During the development phase, we consulted with visually impaired users. We presented them with several options and received feedbacks that later translated into significant insights that help us better understand their needs and desires. We designed a package with a clear and intuitive UX and discovery, the user can open it like a book, place it in his lap, and not worry that something may fall. Each part is well presented and has a dedicated place with no hidden layers. The package design leading values were: clarity in terms of hierarchy and visibility, a contrast in terms of bold colors and significant graphic elements while using tactile elements to create multisensory interaction with the product.

Philips TV & Sound's portable audio range with Georg Jensen "enhances on-the-go experience"

Sebastian Jordahn

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