Product, Design, Technology - issue #63

June 25, 2020

Zsquare; Seeing the invisible

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  Zsquare has developed a high-performance single-use endoscopy. It removes the possibility of cross-contamination and offers a patented ultra-thin polymeric fiber in high resolution and never-before-seen visualizations. Our users are ENT doctors, nurses, private clinics, and hospitals that rely on professional and high-end tools. They are struggling with the unavailability of endoscope due to a long sterilization process and a large number of patients. Zsquare device provides an efficient solution to improve and optimize workflow and simultaneously gives a positive experience for patients. We analyzed and defined all parameters involving ENT usage scenarios during the research and design process and identified opportunities involving our user's interaction with these devices. In the configuration phase, we met with doctors who helped us understand their various operation movements and the need for maintaining minimum effort while using the device. We learned that there are multiple approaches to holding the device and each doctor has his way, this discovery led us to focus on readability, The device design should quickly reflect the operation steps, no questions asked. Zsquare device includes a reusable part and a single-use part, which guides us to create an intuitive assembly while keeping a sterile environment and a design hierarchy between both parts.   Zsquare modular platform allows using the same imaging core, the reusable part, with different single-use parts for many types of procedures with added functionality and enhanced performance.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

prime original
    Besides doctors and their essential work, we shouldn't forget the patients. As the device is part of an invasive procedure, the design should make the patient feel as calm and relaxed as possible. Aesthetics makes a difference, as well. Combining robust capabilities with attractive looks could help create a positive experience among our patients.

Barbara Iweins spent two years photographing and classifying all 10.532 objects in her house

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