Product, Design, Technology - issue #64

July 22, 2020

insoundz; The Future Of Audio

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    Product, Design, Technology - issue #64 insoundz has created the first fully-automated audio production platform. From newsrooms and talk shows to in-studio and on-location production, insoundz automates the production workflow and provides audio professionals' new capabilities. Their patented technology automatically captures and separates sound in real-time, enabling new sound experiences. insoundz technology solves many audio production pain points, saves production resources and time, enables remote work, minimizes the need for on-set and in-person presence, reduce battery waste and miscellaneous equipment, and maximizing freedom and creativity. insoundz and their future products, while distinguishing from other devices in the market. In the design process, we took the broadcast studio installation scenario and standards into consideration and created a clear and super simple UX. Our users are professional studios and experienced sound operators. These professionals use the latest sound recording system and demand the highest quality of products. Therefore, insoundz device has a high-end, robust, and professional design that will naturally blend in its environment.

Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate

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    We searched for inspiration in extra-fine design details with Iconic and memorable design.

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