Product, Design, Technology - issue #65

September 16, 2020

Working Remotely; A New Normal

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(Photo by Shannon McGrath)
We live in a new normal, where a dangerous virus has influenced our daily lives in so many ways. The most noticeable one is wearing a mask everywhere; we are all used to seeing people face expressions and understand their needs, but now it's a bit more confusing to read one another. Besides that, other habits have changed; we avoid handshakes, gatherings, and big celebrations. Even our work environment is not the same, most of us work from home, skipping from one Zoom meeting to another. Working from home is not for everyone but its definitely a new path that is not going anywhere. We asked our designers and engineers for tips that help them with remote work. Some mentioned that a beautiful and pleasant work area is a crucial element and the most simple one. When you surround yourself with things you love - like plants, stationery, posters, you will want to stay more in your workspace. For inspiration, here are some of Prime employees' workspaces. Others suggested meditating for 10 minutes every day before opening the computer, indulging with a good cup of coffee, taking short walks outside during lunch break, and even hearing techno music to increase focus. What helps you work better? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sabine Marcelis designs work-from-home cubicle with a bright yellow interior

Jennifer Hahn

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