Product, Design, Technology - issue #66

November 25, 2020

Aura Air Mini; A New family member

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    We live in challenging times; the coronavirus is still hovering over us, affecting our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Unfortunately, its impacts will accompany us for a long time. We are at a turning point where people are just starting to get back to their new life routine while looking for new ways to feel protected and create a germ-free environment. Aura Air, Mini's big sister, is designed for enclosed spaces like the home and office environment. Aura Mini steps out of the home into the public space for personal use; it can easily carry from place to place in a backpack and use in public transport, a waiting room, or at your personal desk at the office. Our main challenge in designing Aura Mini was finding the right balance between a compact product and a reliable one, maintaining a suitable weight while easily carrying it. So how it works? Mini Ora sucks the air from the ventilation vents at the bottom and releases clean air from the top, letting the user feel the fresh air in his surrounding.

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