Product, Design, Technology - issue #67

December 9, 2020

Falcore; Race Like A Pro

prime original
    This newsletter is all about speed, FPV (First Person View) enthusiasts - this one is for you! So what is FPV racing? It's an exciting extreme sport. In this field, users are virtually sitting inside drones using First Person View cameras and goggles. We designed Falcore for Amimon back in 2016, a limited-edition drone for anyone who wishes to enter the thrilling sport of Drone Racing. Our main challenges were maintaining Amimon's design language like color spots and patterns while reflecting aerodynamic and fun design, creating a desirable object that paves the way for newcomers. Also, Falcore flies at high speed and must be robust; its carbon fiber frame protects all electronics components, providing crash-resistant strength. It has a SHIELD mode that allows anyone to race from day one. SHIELD mode uses sonar and barometer sensors to automatically maintain flight altitude and coordinate turning using a single stick of the remote.

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