Product, Design, Technology - issue #68

February 4, 2021

OYO; Hello future

prime original
    Meet Oyo, chain-less e-bikes set to reshape the bicycle commuting Market. This innovative bicycle offers an intuitive & fun drive, low maintenance & efficiency all around. Our challenge was to create a coherent design DNA based on market research and brand values. We started exploring and analyzing the world of electronic bikes, learning different usage scenarios and understanding all requirements for the brand new product. Examine behaviors and technologies that can lead us to future trends regarding the product and its world. We could create design guidelines for our new product foundations after defining our potential users and their environment, understanding their pain points and satisfaction parameters. An interesting fact regarding the coronavirus pandemic is that social distancing is deeply rooted in our daily lives. The new normal will be avoiding public transportation at all count, and e-bikes are the ultimate way to commute. People will travel more kilometers to compensate for the lack of public transportation, and the mileage will continue to increase. As a result, people will spend more time on their bikes and lead healthier and active lives. The OYO Ideation process started with a vision. We created a series of concept stories through sketching, leading to an intelligent design language and a relevant CMF strategy that transmit innovation, integrate into an urban environment, and meet current trends in bicycle design. It was essential to maintain a balance between innovative technology and iconic product. We are proud to tell you that the fantastic OYO Bike project we designed here in the studio is now on the Indigogo website - go check them out! Our inspiration; products and things we love and appreciate
prime original
  In this project, we wanted to create a dynamic shape with an elegant appearance. To maintain a gentle form beside precise highlights, in order to give OYO a reliable and iconic look.

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