Design research / Product design / Mechanical design / Experience design


Aging in a better way

Kytera’s smart remote caregiver solution provides unique insight into elders’ activity at home at an unprecedented resolution, enabling safe aging at home. The solution includes a home system that collects data, a mobile app for family members, and a dashboard for professional caregivers.

Design approach

To honor our users

During our design process, we felt that one of the most important factors of our work would be creating a design that respects and honors the elderly. we used hi-end materials and traditional design language that made tech feel natural.

Mechanical design

A wearable without compromise

Developing a wearable to be small is always a challenge but in our case, the device was also had to comply with strict environmental & water resistance standards. Our design has beautifully solved both.

Experience design

A digital companion for the care giver

The digital platform of the Kytera product ecosystem was designed to provide peace of mind to our users’ caregivers and supporters.