Why we’ve decided to join Manyone

August 5, 2021

10 years ago, I was sitting with my soon-to-be partners Omri & Etay, in Etay’s apartment in Tel Aviv, and outlining the roadmap of the design firm we were about to launch. At that point, our future studio didn’t even have a name, let alone clients, but what we did have was an intuition: a notion that we want to build something big and a feeling that the most important thing to do before we start doing actual work is to mark a point towards which we’re gonna focus all of our efforts.

That point for us was “positive global impact” and during the following years we’ve been asking ourselves the kinds of questions that would help us move towards it; “can this project make a real difference for the people living on the planet?”; “do we have a potential of reaching the global market?”; “is our team built to support clients on a global scale?”. Throughout the years our mission was to do everything we could to achieve this “positive global impact” of ours, and in many cases, we found ourselves at the core of amazing developments that did precisely that: the LiDar we’ve designed for Innoviz, the urinalysis we’ve assisted to design for global health leaderhealthy.io, and many other incredible projects.

Positioning ourselves as a tech-design leader in the local market assisted us in filling a very important role during the IoT revolution, as well as automotive and digital health booms, and supporting dozens of companies with their design and development challenges. At the same time, we always felt that if only we were physically based in a place like silicon valley our impact would be on a completely different level. Our desire to “go global” never stopped: we expanded our firm, opened a branch in the UK, and explored opportunities in the US. The reality, however, was harsh and these ventures didn’t take off as we had hoped they would..

Fortunately, the COVID pandemic has not stopped us. Many of our clients embraced distant working methodologies, and processes that in the past had to involve at least 3 face to face meetings have been completed without in-person encounters. This new reality encouraged us to think again about our ability to reach out to the global market, but we felt that though the market is ready for “offshore” client/designer relationships and we have kept growing during 2020, we didn’t have the business platform to support our international aspirations and ambitions.

And then came Manyone

We’ve first met Manyone at the beginning of 2020, before any of us knew what COVID-19 was, and were deeply impressed by their culture and exciting portfolio. Specifically, there were 3 main things that have caught our eyes:

The first is their vision: Manyone is building a strategy-design hybrid that will serve the next generation of companies, clients, and startups. This unique perspective on the future market is something that we knew we wanted to be a part of. The second is their speed — Manyone has been showing incredible growth and has reached a size of almost 200 employees in less than 2 years while having solid foundations and amazing processes. In our field, and in the world we live in general, we know that speed and agility are two of the most important factors of success. And last but not least is their experience — Manyone has been founded by global design veterans with a backpack full of knowledge and experience. And there is a saying where we come from: there is no one smarter than the one who has experience.

And so, for the past year and a half and throughout the pandemic, we’ve stayed in touch with Manyone’s team and saw how their growth and expansion did not only not stop but has in fact continued and accelerated. They kept growing and expanding their global reach and when they offered us to join them, it was, if I am being honest, one of the easiest decisions we have had to make since we started our firm.

We’re joining Manyone to complete the company’s offering in the world of hybrid and connected physical and digital products and platforms and bring Manyone’s 360 service suite to the local market. Our industrial and mechanical design skills will now be available to the global market and we are thrilled and excited to see places this partnership will take us to, and how we can shape the future together.

The next decade will only take 5 years…

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